Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reversal of roles in 'The Matyrdom of Helena Rodrigues'

Aloysius and George vs Helena and Caroline
- Physical
Helena had the meek gentle face of a nun and the forced personality of an Empress Tzu Hsi. She never gave the appearance of complaint. Helena also served the pesona and Aloysius the last two chops and only ate two boiled eggs. Caroline Adams was a plump and cheerful girl,with twinkling eyes and infectious chuckle. she also had a pretty face.
Helena never complained. She also assumed things. For example, Helena assumed Aloysius was going to bring home guests everyday and thus, prepared an extra plate for the next whole week. For Aloysius, he was a henpecked husband. He allowed Helena to control him and all his moves. Helena made sure Aloysius was punctual for every meal and made him recite his programme for the day every morning. George and Aloysius merely accepted all their 'sufferings' with Helena. They allowed her to control them and gave in to her.

George was brought up by Helena with the midset that to disrespect his mother's wish would leave him guilty. Helena never wanted George to leave her alone. She wanted him to be with her every time she was at home. Caroline always tried to make George laugh and forget his problems.

Aloysius kept his feelings too himself till the day he died. Helena was an emotional and sensitive person. When she felt that George was getting closer to Caroline, she felt as though she was going to lose him forever. George also kept his feelings and thoughts to himself. He never told Helena how he felt.

Helena was a Sinhalese Catholic . She was the mistress in the use of Christian matyrdom on the domestic front.

Friday, October 3, 2008

boRed.... has been a long time since i last updated. Not much has been going on. Literature lessons ve en quite ok i guess... tHere was a time when Ms ang talked about life, like how not to give up and to pursue your dreams. she also mentioned to aim for our long term goal which is duh...O LEVEL!!! We have also planned to go on post-exam literature trip. I heard we're goin to the!!! She talked about our literature eoy exam...she said it is gonna be quite difficult...she is also worried for us...she said she hopes our ss will pull up our combined humans grade. I hope so too....I wanna go 4e!!! pHEW...this has been one lengthy post...bye for now!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Today's lit lesson was interesting.
First,we went through 'Lee'.
Then Miss Ang started talking about goig to plays
and how some famous authors actually committed suicide
even though they are famous.
I find that interesting and weird at the same time.
There was also this guy who was ostracised(im not sure hw it is spelt)
because his book contained a lot of gay material...
Lastly, to Miss Ang, I would love to go to a play with the whole Literature class...
will be waiting for that day...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


A girl living in a world of confusion
Solving mysteries of school and life
Adore all my lovely friends
Never fail to smile whenever with my friends
Am always prepared to be a listening ear
Cares about people around me
Playing the guitar has always been what I love
Always believe that succeeding is crucial
Never fail to attempt to succeed
Will always try and not admit defeat